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I was born in Gent and after moving multiple times I now landed again a few miles from my birthtown.


Art was always part of me. It's one of the things that naturally flows through me. From age 2, drawing daily, age 4 singing and dancing my own songs and dances. I started sculpting at age 18 and kind of self thought me painting.

Art is part of who I am, as is my heart or breathing. Without I couldn't exist. In the creative proces my works starts to flow and breath at a certain point. It becomes alive and it gets a piece of soul injected. The second it's starting to thrill; reflecting that one moment, the complexity of emotions and thoughts or a timeless resonance, the art is master, and I am servant. That is the ultimate moment where it becomes art and stops being a canvas or just a piece of paper. I wish to bring my paintings, sculptures and installations to you, so it may touch you. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that it touches you. The day my art moves other souls, it has done its work, it got accomplished. Let me know, when it moves you. This connection, is what my art is for on this world. I believe we are here to be moved.


Photography Jeroen Paling(c)



As an artist, I sometimes wonder how I can tell you about myself, what I stand for, what you will gain by bying my work. As art is in my opinion something you have to experience. You have to sit in front of the work, open your mind and let it work on you. It is always a big difference to just see a photograph of what I made, compared to seeing my work in real life. I feel my work is ‘alive’, as much as Rothko told about his paintings, with the strong belief they are beings. 


A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.

Mark Rothko


A photograph from Rothko’s paintings will never ever do the same with you as sitting in front of his colorful painting for 20 minutes. 


My work is very expressive and vulnerable at the same time. It carries paradoxes, and so do I. Mostly something will hide itself from you, which makes it interesting and rouses curiousity. It might reveal itself to you over time, or by going into real connection with the artwork. 

The colors I use are limited, but used strong, and always in harmony to eachother. Used to lift up what is center to the piece.


There is a certain darkness and heaviness in my art, that gives it meaning and body, that makes it important. But this again, with the paradox that it doesn’t reflect doom when you look at it. There is a balance that lifts it all up and brings the darkness into light. 


Behind every work is a deeper meaning. My art invites you to take a longer look, to not be just decoration on the wall, but to be looked at, studied, let in through your senses, work through your soul. 


My art reflects the deep unfathomable, rich powers carried by women, humanity, the world.

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